Our Team

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Michał Zabielski


I help companies operate effectively in the area of e-commerce, both in terms of business and technology. Entrepreneur with the scientist soul 🙂 Having 10+ years experience in Ecommerce, 12+ in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and 14+ in Social Network Analysis. Startups fan that loves to match theory with practice. If you have a question or a problem that you think I will be able to solve feel free to contact me!

Martyna Paździor

Product Manager

A motivated, passionate and committed project manager with three years of experience in the IT industry. Well versed in all aspects of project management and the tools dedicated to it. In daily work involved in planning, budget management and coordination of all working parts of the project. Experienced in working directly with clients and building prosperous relationships; ensuring that all project objectives are met within the scope of the golden triangle of the project.

Joanna Gruz

Software Tester

Full of passion, motivation and willingness to learn the secrets of testing and the process of improving Software Quality. I learn quickly and I'm not afraid of new challenges. I perform my work reliably with the awareness of good for the Client.

Bartosz Fluks

Full Stack Developer

Passionate full stack developer with several years of experience. I have worked on a variety of projects, ranging from small business websites to large-scale web applications. With my ability to quickly adapt to new challenges, I am confident that I can provide solutions that will help your business succeed.

Alan Dolina

Full Stack Developer

I am fullstack developer with several years of experience, I have a passion for building high-quality, user-friendly applications that help businesses grow and succeed. I have extensive experience with Magento 2 and have developed and maintained a number of successful e-commerce websites using this technology. I am also proficient in PHP and JS frameworks, and have used them to develop complex web applications for multiple buisnesses. In addition, I have experience with mobile development, and have created a number of successful mobile applications. I am always eager to learn new technologies and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices. I will be happy to help you!

Ariel Rosa

Full Stack Developer

Software developer with over 12 years of experience, specializing in PHP frameworks (Symfony, Laravel, Kohana, Zend). Love working with demanding projects that have complex architecture, which sometimes I'm building from scratch. I'm also not afraid of working on the front-end side, especially with Vue.js. If you want to solve architectural problems in projects with a PHP stack, feel free to contact me.

Krzysztof Mech

Full Stack Developer

I am a frontend developer experienced in developing e-commerce, mobile applications. I specialize in creating user interfaces that are visually appealing and easy to use, as well as creating responsive designs that look great on any device. I am passionate about creating applications that are both functional and visually attractive, and strive to create the best possible user experience.

Pavel Krauchuk

Full Stack Developer

A good idea is half of the success. In my work I am guided by the same principle - first I think and design, then I do. I like to work with the backend and deal with all the complexities of business logic. My favorite technology combination is PHP/Symfony.

Szymon Śledziewski

Frontend Developer

As a frontend developer, I understand the importance of UI/UX, which should play a key role in the development process of any web application. My favorite frontend frameworks are React and Vue, but as an ambitious developer, I'm not afraid of challenges and I'm ready to learn new technologies if it allows me to deliver a better product. In my spare time, I play trumpet in a brass orchestra and explore Game Dev with friends, trying our hand at creating our own game. If there's anything you're curious about or something you'd like to ask, feel free to contact me!

Mateusz Schalau

Full Stack Developer

Full stack developer with extensive commercial experience. I've been creating websites (mostly backend, but also works in frontend) for over 10 years. I like solving unusual and unconventional programming problems. My favorite framework is Symfony, but I'm not afraid to explore other web development tools. After work, I try to learn the secrets of game dev.

Tomasz Ostrzeniewski-Kostrubiec

Full Stack Developer PHP/Symfony/Vue

Ambitious software developer with a few years of experience in e-commerce implementations willing to help other companies develop their products effectively and seamlessly.

Marcin Krupa

Full Stack Developer

Proud son of my mother, caring brother of my sister and wholeheartedly dedicated employee of my boss. Several years of programming experience, including Magento and Symfony. I absorb knowledge of the client's business area like a sponge. Creative - to always find the optimal solution. Uncle Ben once said that with great power comes great responsibility. This responsibility forces me to take care of Magento 2 Checkout module. Gaining lucid dream skill allows me to work 24 hours a day with breaks for food. I know how to make an accordion UI element and I also know how to play one. After hours game dev, graphic and video editor.

Przemysław Szcześniak

AI Engineer / Software Developer

I am and AI engineer and software developer gaining experience in designing and developing intelligent systems and applications. Passionate about using AI to solve challenging problems and improve people's lives. My current working experience is backed by a strong background in computer science and math, as well as experience with programming languages and frameworks commonly used in AI development.

Sebastian Rachwał

Full Stack Developer

1 year in open source project with React and 6 months in commercial projects with VUE.js. PC and knowledge to build something from nothing. That is why i love coding.